my wedding dress....

So I'm not getting married any time soon as far as I know...but I just love looking at wedding ideas...especially like budget/little weddings. I'm pretty sure when I get hitched I want something Uber simple/laid back (just like this!) since I would rather spend my money going on a fabulous exotic adventure with my lucky husband to be! Don't ya think? Well, here are some dresses I like and I think I will design and make my own dress and brides maid dresses since I can! muhahaha! Most of the photos are more formal than I want but are great ideas. I really want to be cute/comfy for my wedding. I LOVE this! I think I could use a lot of ideas from projects I did while in college since I love working with knit fabric the most!

PS: check out Cup of Jo for some fantabulous ideas! Just adore!

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supergirl said...

I am so bahhumbug about weddings right now it is not even funny. Very pretty dresses though. Have you seen Something Old, Something New? She finds fabulous wedding accessories. http://kenziekate.blogspot.com/


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