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Some pictures from the last few months...adventures, pretty things and food. I tend to be lazy when it comes to uploading my pictures but as soon as I get a new computer I hope to become better and uploading and updating. Hope you enjoy (click to see picture bigger)!
I went to Parque Summit and I saw these stuffed animal car things...I so desperately wanted to be 6 again because they looked like so much fun!
monkey playing with a dirty corn cob
cute monkey posing innocently and another cute monkey in the back stuffing his face
as we hid in an old abandoned train waiting for the mad rain to stop
every time I see a guacamaya the colors always amaze me
awesome river and waterfall! that's me in the corner! I LOVE IT! probably my favorite place I've visited here in Panama and it's only a short 10 minute walk from my aunts milk farm!
the water is so devine!
so gorgeous!

some of the cows on my aunts farm! Volcan is so lovely!
giant bug as we entered my aunts house (Volcan is super nice but def has its fair share of creepy crawlies!)
kind of creepy but neat looking orchid at the coffee/orchid fair in Boquete
Casco Viejo @ night...a city view
walking tour of El Valle is a must do! It was so nice!
pretty waterfall in El Valle
my friend, Alyssa and I picked the wrong day to visit Isla Grande in Colon...it was lovely but rainy as all hell....oh well perhaps next time I'll get some sunshine...
at least I got my fair share of fish! MMMMMM this was just what I need after what seemed like a 10 hour bus ride from PTY to Isla Colon...(patacones-aka fried plantain, fried fish, and salad)

Since it was raining and wasn't exactly warm enough to take a dip...we took a long coffee break at a super cute restaurant in front of the ocean complete with hammocks and super lovey dovey cats. I treated myself to a mocha and it was soooooo good!
Cat who jumped on me and loved me to death until we left for a stroll to the light house!
cute little boy who followed us for a while and asked me to take his picture! I could hardly understand his cute little boy voice but he giggle sweetly when I showed him his portrait! (oh and that Bob Marley bar was closed while we were there so that was a bummer)
black Jesus in the water
native tour guides were very helpful
woke up early for fried fish, holjaldra (fried flour bread) and cafe con leche with a view of the ocean and black Jesus
I think this was a dead jelly fish...It's a pretty color
I had the best ever 24th birthday while my girl friend, Alyssa, from UCD tought me her mad sushi making skills! We had an awesome party and everyone was super impressed with what we made which also included terriyaki chicken, thai peanut sauce with veggies, sangria and local alcohol (Ron Abuelo & Seco)! It was a blast and we danced the night away!
veggies get their close-up
I recently was invited to my friend Iris's dad's birthday bash in Metiti, Darien. It was such a lovely weekend and Darien is so different! There's not a whole lot there but nature! When I woke up 2 little parrots crawled out from under the bed! They walk around the house freely like the household doggies!
they also had this wierd animal they called a Ñeke, kinda like a squirrel???? It didn't really make noise.
her dad's newish son! I forgot his name but he was so cute!
wierd fruit that reminded me of a polar bear b/c they are so fuzzy but it was called guava...but not like our guava which in Spanish is guayaba...anyway it wasn't too flavorful but fuzzy and entertaining to eat...We spent the entire day sitting in the hammocks eating this fuzzy fruit and hoards of the best mangos ever gossiping and being lazy...it was a wonderful day!
Iris's sister's house...I thought it was nifty looking
they had 2 piggies under a mango tree!
it started raining cats and dogs before we left but I managed to see my little friends getting a little shelter on a small bush by the house
I befriended some crazy breakdancing boys and they invited me to the beach...it was another rainy day at the beach but still loads of fun!
Here I am wearing a couple of my own creations...on the left you can see the clutch.
*The images are for your personal use only and I retain the copyright. Thank you :D



Jordan said...

Awesome Laurie! I love seeing your photos and adventures in Panama. Its wonderful to see you as well. It seems like it has been so long! Have a wonderful day and happy sewing/crafting/blogging and adventuring. Much joy-j.ro

Lalipourie said...

Thanks Jordan! It has been long! Where are you now?


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