tea party

My big sister and I love our tea parties. Lately I've been thinking of having one with my girlfriends here in Panama just so I have an excuse to make cookies and cupcakes and dress-up girly. A few years back my sister and I had a tea party and it was just lovely! I made a orange-chocolate butter cake and she made her famous egg salad sandwiches and cucumber-cheese sandwiches. We also had a ton off cookies and other goodies! It was such a hit!

I made this set for my perfect fantasy tea party with my favorite big sister Miss Miki. On the left is her perfect outfit with shades of purple and to the right is my outfit with shades of turquise and blue! Wouldn't this be lovely!!!! YAY!

and some other Tea Party pictures just for fun! Happy Thursday!
Chicken at the Tea Party
Tea party 2ParTea Time!
Unbirthday party
Tea Party


supergirl said...

Oh, I love it all. I love the turquoise tea Polyvore set.

Lalipourie said...

don't you love the hamster? HAHAHAH sooooooo cute! I wonder what it's munching on?


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