The foodie in me, Julie & Julia and bacon chocolate trend....

I love anything involving food. Who doesn't love to eat? My mom often recounts fondly how when I was really little I was used to make "nom yum yum" sounds when I'd eat "like little kittens do..." I'd even ask my mom to put me on the counter so I could watch her cook until I eventually was too big fit there anymore and started experimenting on my own. My Saturdays morning were often spent watching PBS for Baking with Julia, Jaque Pepin, Yan can Cook and Lidia's Italy...I learned so much from them and still love love love watching KQED (when I'm home) Saturday mornings for cooking shows though there are some newer shows now. And don't even get me started on the Food Network because I sit all day watching it....

I've been cooking since I can remember. Helping make dinner, learning how to make pasta or bunny bread with my mom. My mom cooks really really good. Being 1/2 Chinese, 1/2 Panamanian and living a large part of her life in Berkeley, California has something to do with it I think. Also marrying my Jewish father she's definitely proved herself making Hanukkah and Passover Dinners. Yum. My dad always exclaims that my mom's latkes "...are even better than my grandmothers!" Growing up was definitely a multicultural experience. We never ate "normal" stuff in my house. I was the one kid that raised my hand at the cafeteria table because I actually liked eating broccoli. I am also very blessed that my parents always brought us along to eat out and on vacations. From an early age I always ate what they ate (with the exception of most sea food) and was exposed to all sorts of cuisine! Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, etc... I don't think I realized I was that different until I got a little older and met people who had never tried Japanese food and didn't like spicy? WHAT? That's blasphemy! What do they eat? I love cooking and making stuff up. I'm not great at following recipes, though I do use them as reference and ideas.

So when I finally saw Julie & Julia last week I was so intrigued and impressed when Julie Powell, a secretary takes on the task of learning all 524 the recipes from Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking in just one year. It would never occur to me to do something so daunting! But I thought it was a cute story and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't know anything about Julia Child's life and how she got started. I'd never heard of Julie Powell or her blog/book either. The movie made me realllllly hungry. The food looked good and had me craving butter. The scene with the fried toast with tomatoes and basil had my salivating, turning to my boyfriend and saying "oh I'm hungry!" Luckily this time we'd chosen see the movie in V.I.P. which here in Panama means nice big comfy recliners and the option of ordering food from Benigans restaurant. So luckily I got to eat though considering I'm not a huge "American" food fan it was only OK. Amy Adams is adorable and she had the cutest little leather purse with flowers on it which I just adored. Overall, a cute movie.

(Vosage's Mo's Bacon Chocolate Bar, Kumquat Cupcakery's Maple Bacon Cupcake, Sue Roni's Pig Candy ie Chocolate Covered Bacon, BaCorn from Sue Roni [note other bacon related treats!])

So watching the movie got me going on looking over my favorite food blogs. And I've noticed a trend for chocolate and bacon. Remember I posted a little thing about the Vosage bacon chocolate bar? And I was like WHOA. But I see it's all over the place. I am so curious to try. I don't know of any place here do anything like this. So perhaps I'll have to experiment at home...though I am sure I'll get some strange looks from my traditional rice, beans and meat eater roommates...anyway check out this little overview of the trend for some ideas.

(toffee-bacon scones from Vanilla Sugar, chocolate chip and candied bacon cookies from Pete Bakes!)


supergirl said...

Wonderful post, Lal. It also struck me as weird when I met people who'd never eaten Chinese food--very well Thai or Indian--really?

Um--I think chocolate bacon could be good. I love sweet stuff on bacon. When I was in Portland, I had pecan honey bacon and it was divine. So, it might be good. Weird but good.

Julie and Julia made me want to wear pearls with everything.

I miss you more than you know!

Lalipourie said...

Yeah seriously especially in the Bay Area...I can't imagine how people would never venture out to try when there are so many options...

And I would like to try this bacon and chocolate thing! It's seems awesome! I like the idea of making the bacon candied first then mix with chocolate, I'd probably go for dark chocolate. Miki said she just made a brie and chocolate sandwich and said it was good. It doesn't sound so but I trust her. Freddy and I recently tried a guerrier, caramelized onions and guava jam on foccacia. It was a real YUM. Yay for interesting combos. Food is fun!


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