watch out curves ahead!

Recently read some interesting articles about plus size models in fashion and the vmagazine size issue on Jezeabel. I think it's a change that should be made. I think nothing better than showing positive healthy versions of women in the media. As a designer I've never understood the whole design for a 9 head proportioned stick figure woman when really I'm designing for real women with real bodies like me. It's just darn confusing and doesn't make sense to promote something that isn't quite real. If you ask me. That's why my clothing has always been size conscious. My last collection I designed was actually extremely size friendly. I basically wanted to make my life easier and not have to adjust my designs or re-sew anything so I made my whole collection basically free size. And when I had to switch models (varying greatly in size) for scheduling issues the transition was a snap and all my girls looked lovely!

Anyway check out the vmagazine size issue, and this interesting article about this stupid controversy over plus size models.


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