Green Is Sexay!!!!

Pictures courtesy of my gal pals: Sarah Sporik and Iris Delgado. Thanks loves!*these pictures are for your personal use only. Thank you.
Right after New Year I went to Bocas del Toro with a couple of my party girls from here in PTY and two friends visiting me from SF/Oahu. Our adventure was beyond fun and I have lots to share! I think that was the funnest weekend ever...everything from waking up at 3am to take the bus, early morning catching up with my dear friend on the windy ride to Bocas with a full moon outside, terrible breakfast with a great ocean view, tandem bike ride through town with 5 crazy girls wearing mustaches, delish fish dinner, dancing all night, lazy beach time and lots of laughs! I could go on....and I will once I've edited my pictures! Anyway remember my green ikat scarf? Yeah I'm still obsessed with ikat...well I decided to wear it as a top pair a long with my ever-so-nifty-eco-friendly-super-sexy telephone wire earrings designed by yours truly and available here! In the middle is a picture from the red frog beach! No joke those froggies are like the size of a piece of chewing gum!

PS: Have you seen the new Green is Sexy? You should!!!! FAB new tips :D Happy Friday!


Miki said...

I love those earrings!!!!

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