Obsession: Ikat

So we had some cool samples with Ikat inspired prints here at work. I looked up ikat and saw the it's still going strong. I created my own design for a lovely summer dress and the boss liked it!
I've loved Ikat since I learned about the technique in a textile history class when I was in college. I did a paper comparing Ikat from Uzbekistan and use in modern day fashions. I love it and even did some projects with the technique. Ikat is basically when the yarns of a fabric are dyed before weaving. Once woven, the design appears a little blurry since the threads shift during weaving. Ikat is done in many different countries around the world such as Uzbekistan, Guatemala and Indonesia to name a few! So I have been clipping images to Polyvore for about a week now to make a post and today I see DS already jumped the gun. Love it! My own ikat scarf I creating in a weaving course that went with an outfit for my final collection!


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