words the make you go bletch!

So randomly came upon this link via A CUP OF JO, on The Word "Naughtly" Makes Me Feel Wierd. It's basically those random words that kinda creep you out....it's funny because I was chatting with my best friend on Tuesday and we both decided we hated saying genitals...Not all the words on SMITTEN's list creep me out. Certainly not "Naughty." I actually like using it...anywho
Here is the list from SMITTEN:
1. Panties.
2. Naughty.
3. Moist. (!!!)
4. Cakey.
5. Spread eagle.
6. Yeast.
7. Squat.
8. Goosepimples.
9. Tweak.
10. Slacks.

My list of creepy words & why:
1. genitals (ew)
2. moist (ew again...!)
3. crusty (I think of scabs)
4. horny (I hate when people do the Justin Powers thing sooooo creepy/pervy ew)
5. pus (well b/c that's what it is)
6. greasy (think of pimples or gross fried stuff)
7. camel toe (I hate that description!!!!!!)
8. butt floss/hilo dental (I don't like to think of my dental floss & thongs in the same way)
9. moldy (mold just creeps me out)
10. pop instead of soda (not so much creepy as annoying)

My list of words I like/think they are funny:
1. orange
2. sheesh
3. doo dad
4. flunch
5. darling
6. cheese
7. tee hee
8. cute
9. shiny
10. teeny boper
11. nick nacks
12. hella


supergirl said...

LOL--its Austin Powers not Justin Powers!!!!! LOL!!!!

Can I put pashmina on this list of words you like?

Lalipourie said...

LOL but I only like when you say pashmina...it's not funny when other people say it.....oh yeah crap Austin Powers! LOL!


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