Paris I love u! (Audrey too ;)

So stumbled across the new Chanel N5 perfume film featuring Audry Tautou while looking at Glamour Magazine online. Sooooo beautiful! O how I miss Paris! Especially crossiants and pretty men! And oh my is that man pretty (almost prettier than Audry! le sigh!)
Happy weekend! This weekend I'm off to the province of Darien for a good friend's father's birthday! I've never been so I'm excited to see a new place! Have a great weekend! What are your plans?
PS: I saw Slumdog Millionaire last week! I may be super late but anywho I thought is was super duper good. A great film! Plus features music from MIA who I love! And Latika (awesome name!) is soooo damn pretty!
PPS: I've been so naughty! The only exercising I've done lately is with my mouth! Last weekend was elections in Panama and I went to Chiriqui to support my uncle (who was running as representative) and spent the entire weekend "helping" prepare food for people working at the voting stations...basically I did a lot (A LOT) of eating...and yesterday the first day of my supposed new healthy eating plan was broken when a girlfriend invited me for dinner...which consisted of orgasmic hot chocolate, nachos and chicken wings...hahaha so far great start! Oh well! HAHA who doesn't like being indulgent...
PPPS: OMG! I've discovered more food blogs....mmmmmmm man do I like food and everything on these few sites makes me drool and dream of when I meet MR. RIGHT (aka a chef!) LOL
Bake or Break
The Jewels of New York
Smitten Kitchen
The Wednesday Chef
PPPPS: Oh! And who doesn't love corn nuts! Now Manitoba, the Panamanian company that packages peanuts makes what they call Maiz Crocante Tostado! Hurrah! I no longer have to yearn after the corn nuts at the expensive Deli Gourmet!


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