Blog-About #7

On Monday I am flying home to the Bay Area for a month of vacation (+10 day trip to Vietnam with the fam)! So I am super excited. I can't wait to see my kitty fuzzers and be with my whole family! Already making plans with friends for parties and activities...so I have a lot on my mind!
(silly kitty doing shower acrobats!) Well, I know it's only Thursday but I'm gonna wish yall a HAPPY WEEKEND today! just can't wait!

Blog-About #7:
love this real wedding and this one ---loving these engagement picnic photos too!
and would you wear patterned tights under you wedding dress? this bride did! cutsie!
discovered the other day this classic salsa song, La Noche by Joe Arroyo...always loved the Juanes version but didn't know it was a cover
loving this rug!
feather fabulous earrings ooooo me want
totally inspired by these Handmade Spaces
Pomeranian puppy awwwwwww
lovely collage inspiration by creature comforts
custom design bags, pillows & plates....ohhhhhhhh endless possibilities
lol! LOL! OMG LOL....funny things this guy's dad says
major new blog crushing going on for ganace dore, ooo la la la cute girl on bike, cute guy with freckles, girl crush (love her hair & make-up), & fab granny square sweater on girl with pretty eyes! PS: this illustration style is coooo coool
tiny helpers save the day!

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