Hunterbelle's Room Design Inspirtation!

I'm so looking forward to a new addition to my extended family and her name is Hunterbelle! My dear and oldest friend is expecting around November! Sadly I am missing all the fun stuff like the baby shower and helping decorate the nursery. So I promised I would help look into some inspiration and ideas to help from afar! She wants a dino theme for her baby girl and going by her eclectic, funky, boho style I came up with this! I hope you enjoy it B! Love and miss you a lot! Do check out my wee ones pinboard for more ideas that didn't make the final cut!

1) DIY dino night lights 2) dallas' vintage- I love the colors and way this space is organized! 3)magnet photo holder- easy DIY toy magnet holders! Would work perfectly with toy dinos for displaying photos or daddy's beautiful artworks! 4) lets get personal-sweet little nursery with cool tree collage-an idea she originally wanted when she was going to do a bird theme. I think some kind of wall collage could still be cool. Maybe dinos or a volcano? 5) lion pillows- I think these are too adorable! I think any handmade pillows or plush toys would be sweet for this room. Who knows maybe auntie Laurie will get creative soon! Wink wink! 6)kawaii crush-another great example! love the retro handmade look going on here. 7)dinosaur mobile-perhaps this tutorial could be adapted for a similar look. 8)extinction necklace-Hunterbelle will need one. 9)doll house bookshelf-cute way to organize books. 10 & 11)cute kids interiors-I love this colorful and comfy reading space and the little table work space is so colorful and perfect! Get neat looking patterned paper and cut into shapes for instant wall decoration! 12)dinosaur print 13)animal index-I think this is a funny and cute little detail to ad to a book shelve. An easy DYI to boot!

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