mmmmm bread!

Hi! I'm off of work for the next few days due to national independence holidays, and today I enjoyed a walk around Casco Viejo (pictures soon) to see the festivities. It was quite nice. Then I came home to cool off and veg out watching Gossip Girls on my laptop! So lovely to have the day off!

This morning I made some coffee to eat with my eggs and toast when sadly I noticed the milk had gotten sour. I was bummed and was ready to dump it when it occurred to me that I could use it for something. This afternoon I remembered my task! I needed a recipe that used a sour milk that was easy and didn't involve me having to go to the store! After some searches I found this recipe for Iris Brown Bread and decided to give it a go! Total SUCCESS! I did make a few slight changes (listed below) but this is yummy. It's kind of a cakey bread, I'm not sure it will hold up to making into a sandwich but it sure tasted yummy as is freshly sliced out of the oven. Mmm the crispy edges are quite nice. Oi I'm gonna be eating lots of carbs this week...

Here's my adaptations:
1/2 C of oatmeal to replace the bran
2 T of flax seed meal
cut sugar down to about 2T and added about 2 tsp of salt
used extra virgin olive oil for the oil
added about 2T of crushed walnuts
*my oven doesn't measure temperature and I didn't put a timer...I just came and check on it and when the fork came out clean I turned the oven off. I made mine in a pot (don't own a loaf pan), but I'm thinking of using my muffin pan next time for more easily accessible size.

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