Blog-About #4

oooof sorry been busy busy! I had a lovely weekend! Included art show (Diablo Rosso), romantic stroll of Casco Viejo, Reggae music (La Casona), tacos, sleeping in (with rain!), bagels, chill party with friends, shopping with my favorite mommy in the whole world and Chinese food. Not too shabby! And here a some things I've ran into recently....

The Longest Way 1.0 - one year walk/beard grow time lapse from Christoph Rehage on Vimeo.

Wohhh! even sexier tango video..love Gotan Project
is Twilight bad for your love life? hmmmm
this couple is so cute...he sure to check their proposal too jeeze
Free wallpaper art by Diane Cheuk loveliness!


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