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Happy weekend! May yours include pie (I'm sure mine won't but it will include tamales & copious amounts of Panamanian goodness). I'm heading off today for Chiriqui to visit with relatives and the Mommy. I'm not sure what plans are for tomorrow but I'm pretty sure I'm going to dance the night away with my cousins/friends there and then sleep (or not) before the big family get together at my aunts farm in Volcan. The party will be pretty mellow as it always is but always always includes lots of food. I'm pretty excited about it and hope it's not too cold for a dip in the river!
gizdich olala berry pie
Another busy week designing the new collection! I saw My Blueberry Nights on Wednesday, I thought it was OK but I am craving pie! olala berry pie from Gizdich Ranch....oh my goodness my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

mmmm makes me hungry, new food blog goodness Bohemian Plates
Cute mini lace dress (me likey!)
puppy looooove! oh the cuteness!
I love love love this top
new music from Ceu (thanks to Fly)
I had a good time reading romantic high and low points
last time I came back from Cali Eddy Lover was on my plane from Miami....I was too shy to say hi but here's a song by him & Jr. Ranks:
Mas alla del Sol is also a good song though a little sad and No He Dejado de Extranarte
Aren't these dance pictures neat-o???
art's & crafts info in Panama (in Spanish)
wow prettiest lemonade I've ever seen! MMMM!

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