tie dye to a T

Hello lovelies! Sorry I've been neglecting you! I've been kind of busy but don't worry I've been cataloging lots of new things to share with you AND pictures from my vacation. Till then, it's still summer back in the states (and always hot in PTY), so I thought I would talk about something that always evokes summer for me: tie dye. I remember at school when everyone brought old shirts, socks, tote bags etc and we learned how to tie dye! Getting messy and having fun with rubber bands and string! Waiting impatiently for them to dry in the sun to finally reveal the beauty hidden beneath the folds. My first attempts came out very blotchy-brown looking just because it was so hard to narrow down my color choices! I love tie dye for the textural interest it adds to fabric, it's informal vibe and it's one-of-a-kind qualities...however I am aware that if done wrong can tie dye can look awfully busy and very unflattering. But I think if you choose tie dye in simple combos (best with just 1-2 colors), or wear it as an accessory and mix with simple and complimentary items it can be so chic! Here are four ideas of how I would wear tie dye and more some images of inspiration :
four ways to tie dye!



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I love tie die

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