Bah, Humbug!

Bah, Humbug!
Bah, Humbug! por Lalipourie con gold plated jewelry

I'm inspired my Ebineezer Scrooge. Ive been having a hard time feeling Christmasy this year. I think its mostly being so far away from home. So here is an outfit just for fun.

Soon I'll talk with my favorite big sister and parents on the phone. That will be my biggest present this year. So that is what I am most looking forward to this Christmas.

The other evening as leaving work I was grumbling to some coworkers, that for some reason I did not feel like it was Christmas yet. I got home and while made a quick dinner before heading out to my yoga class, out of no where I heard some Christmas carolers in my apartment complex. I peaked outside and enjoyed my dinner of sauteed mushrooms with sun dried tomato basil and eggs, with egg and onion matzo while listening to the festive music. It may seem sort of cheesy but it made me tear up because I realized how hard it has been to be far from home! But here I am in my home away from home, looking forward to a sunny day tomorrow with my relatives on this side of the globe. Hope you are all having a Merry Christmas with your loved ones!!!!!!!!!!!


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