New Years 2011

New Years 2011
New Years 2011 by Lalipourie featuring chandelier earrings

I'm so ready for 2011! Bring it on! A New Year for smiles, adventure, creativity and LOVE!

As you may remember I'm still living without internet in my home! That's why I've been polyvoring like a crazy lady.....Good news is that in about a week I should be all set-up in the apartment and ready for more regular blogging! Hip hip hurray!

So what are your plans this New Years 2011?! I can't believe how fast 2010 was, but I'm super excited for new things ahead. This year I am going with a group of friends to El Valle, a lovely mountainy get-away just 2.5 hours from PTY! We are renting a house for the weekend. Our plans for the 31st are to make speghetti and s'mores before we celebrate the count down to 2011! Then on the 1st a few of us are going on a zip lining tour. I can hardly contain my excitement. Then from there we have discussed checking out the hot springs, hiking and visiting the beach on the 2nd. It's gonna be a good weekend I can already tell!


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