quote of the day + Adele!

....Go ahead and steal my heart to make me cry again,
'cause it will never hurt as much it did then....
-Adele, Right as Rain

So just been listening to some Adele (thanks Alina for posting about that song on Facebook.) Apart from having a gorgeous voice, she is sooooo gorgeous! Porcelain skin and blue blue eyes. I'm loving the fabulous 60's hair and makeup she's got going on!



supergirl said...

you need to start watching mad men if you like Adele's 60's style.I swear its nothing but dress porn. That looks so good but I can't have it. le sigh.

Lalipourie said...

haha yeah I need to catch up on a lot of TV is seems...

georgina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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