New Hair!

first night out with my new hair :D

Hi! So I'm back and I have new hair :D. Well, new since Mid Dec. but I haven't posted in awhile so new for all you faithful Lalipourie readers. Anyway. I made a goal awhile back to grow my hair as long as I could stand and then chop it all off to donate to someone who could use it. I must guiltily admit I still have my braid at home but I fully intend to drop it off at the local hair donation place for children with cancer asap.

before-see how long it was?


It was tough to cut it all off but really I am quite happy with the short hair. it's quick and easy. I feel light. Some times I miss my locks and then I remember how much quicker it is and I relax a bit. So for now short hair to stay!



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