Darjeeling + Chocolate

Hi lovelies!  It has been over a year since my last post!  It's amazing how time flies! I have so much to share and I'm sorry I abandoned this for so long!  This year I made loads of resolutions.  One was to start up blogging again and take it to new levels.  Might as well start today!

So where have I been?  Here in Panama still working, living, making things, cooking, dancing....basically the same but just a happier more relaxed version of my life a couple years back.  Different job, car and hopefully a more positive outlook on life.  So lately I have been brain storming some ideas to share on here as well as revamping/launching into some new design projects.  I joined a Capoeira group and lately that has been the highlight of my week.  That and Sunday cooking all day.  

But to start off a anew with Lalipourie I also wanted to tribute my first post back to my dearly beloved Darjeeling pictured above.  She passed away last Wednesday after about 6 months of discovering she had stomach cancer.  It was really hard last week to think about it.  I have lived away from home for about 10 years, but knowing I will never be able to pick her up and hear her purrrrrrr or give her morning belly rubs has been really sad.  She was always the most lovey dovey happy-go-lucky types of cats, you have ever met.  Even on my last visit home, she made energy to come up stairs for morning belly rubs and cuddles before running down stairs to be fed.  At those times I think we all would forget that she was sick.  I'm so happy she waited for me and I got to spend time with my booboo this year.  I'm also greatful to have had her in our lives for that long.  Breaks my heart but there is some comfort that she will not be suffering anymore.   She was a part of our family for many years and will be sorely missed.  Nothing will ever replace her space in out hears.  She will always be my sweet baby.......................... 

Need a kitty pick-me-up?  Well you might want to check out Mrs. Witherbottom's pinboard.  Loaded with kitty goodness.

Chocolate Cake in a Mugclick on image for recipe

I finally gave in and tried this mug cake craze thing.  Literally just 5 mins ago.  Totally delicious and dangerous way to indulge a chocolate craving.  It was so moist and yummy!  I sort of feel guilty but not really.  Tomorrow is a new day and I have capoeira practice so that should make up for it! I'll be back soon.  Please comment for posting requests :)  Good night!



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