stuff white people like...

lol my best friend from It's Just Thoughts & One Heart had a post about this hilarious website....Stuff White People Like and its super funny. Have been giggling at my desk all morning...Post about San Francisco reminds me of home!!!

After wasting an entire day reading posts of Stuff White People Like...I was reminded of people back home and Berkeley for some reason. And made me miss being back in the Bay and Berkeley days with my mom & sis or with my best of friends. A Berkeley day usually involves eating something really yummy like the best Pizza in the whole entire world from the Cheese Board, or like huge crepes at Crepes A Go Go, or Thai or Tibetan or Indian food or the really yummmy restaurant that I really love but can never remember it's name...Bastacio or something? Yora help me out what's the yummy place called? Anywho and always includes leisurely browsing cute boutiques on College ave or 4th street...good times!

And so I also made another....da da da....POLYVORE set...Big surprise right? haha good times!
day in Berkeley
day in Berkeley - by Lalipourie on Polyvore.com
this seems like a perfect outfit for a Berkeley day!


supergirl said...

Bacheesos! They just opened another one in Oakland too. I recently took my friend Andrew there and there was a live folk band. Nico was screeching and otherwise letting the world know about his presence and this woman who had been dancing around all night decided to tell us that he needed to grow up to be a folk dancer so he could screech like that. A purely Berkeley experience.

Lalipourie said...

Bastacio....sorta off hah! OMG I love that place! I haven't gone since I graduated! dude...


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