where do I want to share kisses...

Smitten is so addicting...her post on Where in the world do you want to kiss a guy? Made me think...Here's my list:

on a ferris wheel
in a meadow (like in Twilight)
in the rain (sorta like the almost kiss in Pride & Prejudice!)
New Years eve at midnight with fireworks
at the Palace of Fine Arts in SF
in a gandola in Venice
in front of the Eifel Tower (when it's sparkly)
during a night stroll on the beach
while dancing & being dipped!
while bike riding (like pic above...)

well that's all I can think of. Just need to find the lucky guy! le sigh...

on another note. I also would like to be serenaded from my window and a be surprised with a big bouquet of roses at work...

PS: check out this video pretty damn adorable

Notte Sento (English subtitles) from napdan on Vimeo.
(thanks to What Possessed Me)

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