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Are you interested in getting featured on Lalipourie Blog? It's a free and great opportunity share! Please forward this to your contacts if you believe they would be interested! Requirements: must be 18+, must have interest in style, fashion, decoration, sustainability, cooking or topics related to Lalipourie blog. Just email me your responses!

Who are you? your name, age, picture of yourself (optional)
Where do you live or where are you from
What do you do for a living, your hobbies, special projects? Do you have a blog/or business? Share here. (But keep concise +/- 100 words) Provide me with your urls here
What inspires you in your life/style/surroundings?
*Special (choose one to focus):
Style collage: create an outfit or decoration style collage (+ provide links) or polyvore set, for any general topic of choice, you can see my "style collage" or "polyvore" section for ideas. Give brief description to what it's about. If you have a product you may include two of your own products if they fit within the theme. This is good for using actual items you like, that could be purchased.
Inspiration: please provide me with 9 images of any given theme (color themes, going camping, Hawaii, sandwiches etc), please provide me with links to all images plus a brief description. Please choose beautiful images. See my "inspiration" section. This option is good for using photography.
Recipe: please give me your favorite quick/easy go to recipe! Either just write for me and I will design an recipe card (as seen in "Laurie's Kitchen" section) or design your own!
Thought/quote: share you favorite quote or inspirational idea.

*please note that I want to keep within the look/style of my blog so I may edit down your responses if they are too long or edit images slightly to make it more visually appealing

I will contact you once I have uploaded your feature! Please contact me for any questions/suggestions!

Examples below:

style collage






Olguita R. said...

I will be glad!!!

Lalipourie said...

thanks I'm reviewing yours right now! Thanks for such a quick response!


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