inspiration: Portland

So I'm all a buzz about coming home to the Bay Area (California) and going on a family road trip all the way to Vancouver, Canada! Oh I'm so excited! It's very hard to concentrate on the Men's T-shirt I need to finish today...anywho today I've been doing some research on the different places we are going to stop and already mentally packing my bag with thin dresses and comfy flip flops....One of our stops will be the lovely Portland, Oregon! I've never been but some of my favorite blogs are based there! See Modish for fabulous handmade, vintage and indie fabulousness! Urban Weeds, for great street style ideas! And I love checking Frolic for great styling and decoration ideas! Anyway here is some pretty:

*click on image for original image

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Urban Weeds said...

What a pretty collage. Thanks!



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