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My Fall Bicycle Fantasy!

I just love bicycles! I miss biking around on my own bike so when I ran into Oh Joy's post on bicycle accessories I was inspired to make my own set. I love the idea of being stylish and uber comfortable...can't get much more comfy than leggings and moccacins! Hope you like the look I put together! Check out my earrings posted above at my store! If your curious also check out my design illustration I did inspired by bicycles here and collage here!

1.Peacocks, 2. Ruche, 3. Delia's, 4. Modcloth, 5. Modcloth, 6. Lalipourie, 7.Unica Home, 8. Urban Outfitters, 9. Electra Bicycle Company design via Apartment Therapy

Here's a pic of me a few years back in collage...walking my bike (Nemo) through the student union after a fancy campus dinner I think for undergraduate research? I can't remember but I remember wearing fancy heals but obviously I traded them off for my trusty Boltio flip flops for the ride home. Funtimes! I was also wearing my signature telephone wire earrings! HEHE.
*The images are for your personal use only and I retain the copyright. Thank you :D


Dottie said...

Very cute outfit! That Electra Amsterdam bicycle is gorgeous with the intricate detailing, definitely a stand-out bike. I used to have that "I <3 My Bike" bell and it quickly faded in the sun and rain, fyi. Still cute, though.

I love the picture of you in college. Nemo is a great bike name :)

Lalipourie said...

Thanks Dottie! That's too bad about the bike bell. I have one that was for little kids bikes that is red with flowers, still looks cute but bell doesn't work so well!


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