My Special Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I don't have any plans since in Panama it isn't a national holiday. But I'm just about to get off work and I was thinking of getting some turkey and making a sandwich. Despite not stuffing my face this year with my family and friends, I can still give thanks! I am very thankful for all the love and support my family, my BF and my friends this year. I am also thankful for all that I have, a safe place to live and a steady job. Also thanks for all of you who read Lalipourie blog! I appreciate it! Don't forget to comment more or send me emails with ideas and advice! Have a great day and save me a piece of pie!

Since I'm not doing anything in particular, I decided I'd put together some ideas for my fantasy Thanksgiving! Enjoy and don't drool on your computer! BYE!

Menu (all from Martha Stewart):
herb-roasted turkey
potato-mushroom pie
green bean casserole
butter-pecan sweet potatoes
butternut squash with brown butter
collard greens with bacon
+ check recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers look beyond yummmmmmmy

and for desert...

ssweet potato buttermilk pie

...of course this my fantasy so the weather would be cool but warm enough to have a lovely afternoon Thanksgiving feast outdoors like in this photo!

I like these simple decoration ideas for corn husk votives and pear place holders
Thanksgiving outfit
And last but not least...something I'd like to wear for my special Thanksgiving!
Earrings, clutch, socks, skirt and sweater jacket from Ruche, blouse and shoes from Modcloth

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