I saw Coco Avant Chanel last night! I enjoyed it and am glad that watching a French film with Spanish subtitles wasn't so bad. Audry was beautiful as always especially toward the end when she opens her own shop, beginning her empire. There were several beautiful scenes in the film of the French country side. I especially liked a scene with Coco reclined against a tree surrounded by bright yellow autumn leaves wearing a classic striped shirt and brown coat (sorry couldn't find pic).


Kathy said...

I heard about this movie ages ago but I didn't know when it was coming out! Thank you for posting it. It looks lovely and inspirational (at least for you!).

I miss you and love you!

Lalipourie said...

Miss you too! It was good! I thought it was interesting though I would have liked to see more of her life as a designer...but the movie is before about her life before she became famous.


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