Happy Monday + Free Recipe!

(Hello Wang Tzu Hwa)
Did you have a good weekend? It's once again Monday morning and I'm enjoying my new almond chocolate flavored coffee and catching up on new emails and what not. I have some great stuff to share with you all this week starting off with a new recipe series! I'll be sharing recipes straight from Laurie's Kitchen (ie random things I cook at home)! This will include a free illustrated recipe card that you can print off for your own private collection! Sound good? Here goes!

I made some Quesadillas with Yummy Lentils a while back with random stuff I had sitting in the fridge and it was a hit! My boyfriend asked for seconds so it must have been good! Super easy and healthy too! Click on card to open in another window and print! Enjoy happy cooking! With love from Laurie's Kitchen!

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