Happy Monday!

Holi celebrations in September - Agra
Well Caraval is still in full swing until tomorrow here in Panama. This year I am taking it really mellow. I took a stroll to see some of the festivities on Saturday night in Panama City and got a Panamanian snow cone (raspao). It was pretty deserted and not as crazy as festivities in Las Tablas, but I did get quite a bit of confetti trown on me and saw some intresting devil costumes. Yesterday I took the bus to Chiriqui and today we are probably going to los culecos (where they throw water and everyone dances in the streets) or to the river. Tomorrow is a trip to my aunts farm for cooking and swimming in the river. I am so excited! Anyway Ive posted a picture from Holi celebrations in India, which I could imagine have a similar spirit to Carnaval. Basically at lot of fun and throughing colors at everyone! How was your weekend? Happy Monday!

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