Bocas Lo Maximo!

Right after New Years a group of girlfriends and I woke up at 3am to catch the earliest bus from David for the 4 hour ride to Bocas de Toro. Bocas is one of the best beach escapes in Panama with perfect warm clear water and soft sand. It was a magical and amazing trip. We had so much fun and lots of laughs.

Day one: we spent the day at the outdoor Aqua Lounge relaxing in the sun, having diving competitions, and drinking ice cold Panama brand beers. In the afternoon we rented a 6 person tandem and rode around town wearing mustaches and laughing hysterically at tourist and townspeople's reactions! I giggled so much my stomach started to hurt. It was a genius way to pass the afternoon.

Night day one: we strolled around town enjoying the sunset, seeing handcrafts and looked for a place to dine. The island was busy, but luckily there was a table at the new swanky outdoor restaurant! It was a great choice and we all ordered fish! Everyone agreed the dinner was excellent! Then we went to the famous Barco Hundido bar and danced the night away! (remember I posted about this outfit! see my earrings?)

Day two: took a water taxi to the Red Frog Beach, a island named for its tiny red frogs that inhabit the island. The water and sand were just perfect! I cannot wait to go back! (note my dear friend Mara sporting earrings my yours truely!)

*these pictures are for your personal use only and I maintain the copywrite. Thank you.

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