Inspiration & mystyle: linen skirt

Hey all! Hope you are having a lovely day! Here is a picture of me wearing a skirt I made a few months back that I have been meaning to share. It's a wrap around linen skirt with pleating at the top. I made this right around the time I was working on those origami boxes. I wanted to add some interest to otherwise simple skirt. What do you think?

Some cream/tan/white images of inspiration! Sometimes simple and subtle is most beautiful!

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Miki said...

I love this skirt! Maybe if you made an extra one you could give it to me, hint hint. You look very sophisticated.

Laurie H. said...

Thank you! I'd have to get some new fabric....why don't you ask mom if she has some linen before I go get some?

Olguita R. said...

Que falda tan linda, eres muy talentosa,y creativa... un abrazo fuerte...

Laurie H. said...

gracias! tengo que empesar a poner mas fotos de mis projectos personales! tambien puse la falda cuando vendi en el mercado de pulgas:http://lalipourie.blogspot.com/2010/04/artblock-flea-market.html


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