Lalipourie Makeover

Recently I discovered taaz, a super nifty makeover site that lets you try on make-up (also purchase) and try out celebrity hair styles! It's a wonderfully evil way to waste some time and have some fun.

Help me with my new look! If you know me at all, then you know the cycles I go through with my hair. I'm one of those people who pretty much have always had short hair because I love changing my look and my hair grows freakishly fast. So I usually chop it short when I get bored (like every 4-5 months), but for the first I'm I really want to grow it long because I think it would be nice to donate my hair. I think my hair looks the closest to look A right now but do you think I look better in some of these other looks? Some are for style while others are for color. Tell me which look or combo you like better!

And look! An image from my photoshoot! Right side is the original and left side is with a makeover! I thought this was pretty impressive!


Olguita R. said...

Amazing!! love the change... i will love to see you with the I!!!

Lalipourie said...

seems like that one is a lot of people's favorite! Though I didn't want to cut my hair short just yet but if I keep getting that response than maybe I will!

Dottie said...


Anonymous said...

i love G!

Lalipourie said...



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