do you no poo?

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So apparently there is this No Poo movement, where basically you stop shampooing your hair. The idea behind this is that shampoos are filled with chemicals and strip hair of natural oils. Consequently we produce more oils and then our hair gets greasy and our scalps get itchy forcing us to shampoo again completing the cycle of dependency on shampoo. My best friend introduced me to this idea about a year ago. Initially it sounded interesting, but I figured I'd let her try it out first and told her to get back to me with her finds. Knowing my BFF, and her love of showering she didn't last too long and then I sort of forgot about it.

However, I am a firm believer in shampooing less through experience. As a classic American girl, I absolutely had to wash my hair everyday. But I have always been sort of blessed in the hair department, I have super easy hair to take care of. My routine was (and basically still is), washing it and letting it air dry....I know I'm annoying and I know for a fact that is not the case for everyone. But hey can you blame me if my hair is shiny and soft no matter what?????? Hehehehe. When I moved to Panama, one of the many different cultural difference I noticed was hair washing routines. Most girls washed there hair only once a week and often go to the hair salon to get it blown out straight. To me this seemed bizarre and I didn't think I could ever let my hair go more than 24 hours without shampoo. But at some point (don't remember exactly when), I just stopped washing it everyday. I don't even remember major transition issues either but eventually I adjusted my hair shampooing routine and am proud to say I only was my hair about twice a week.

But then coming across Cucumbersomes post today it reminded me of the crazy No Poo movement my BFF mentioned so long ago. And I'm thinking maybe I could try it...or just reduce my shampooing even more and try it with a mix of baking soda/apple cider vinegar routines? Have any of you out there tried it? Did it work for you?

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supergirl said...
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supergirl said...

Well, it reduced me down from everyday to twice a week. But I do get my hair wet almost everyday. Curly hair does do too well slept on and then not wet down.

Angie said...

I totally didn't shampoo today just because of you! I may try skipping every other day to see how it goes...I'll still rinse though as it's impossible to style my hair otherwise. Thanks for the article! :)


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