Let's play dress up: rainy day blues

We all probably have a love/hate relationship with the rain. There's nothing more lovely than falling asleep to the rain, or being at home with a warm cup of tea or cocoa and being cozy while it rains outside. And not to mention the glee and wonder that is when you see a beautiful rainbow! All that lovely rain is great, well, until you actually have to go somewhere! Sometimes when it rains I get majorly colossally grumpy. I hate that I can only wear certain shoes, or have to lug around an umbrella or raincoat...or when it ruins my beach trips or plans for spontaneous picnics....or the most dreaded of all things being forced to take a taxi home...If you have ever been to PTY you know, the stress that comes with having to take a taxi when it rains. It's a huge pain in the you know what! But this post isn't just about the negative aspects of rain today I'd like to pretend that every time it rains I do it in style! So hope you like imaginary outfit!
rainy day blues

rainy day blues by Lalipourie

+Here's a picture from the office when we saw a double rainbow! (2nd rainbow hard to see but it was there!) It was soooooo beautiful and fleeting! It absolutely made my day. Moments like that I guess make the rain not so terrible.

* These pictures are for your personal use only and I maintain the copywrite. Thank you.


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