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Hi! I've been blocked at work from blogging :(, which is too bad because I hardly waste time blogging at work anyway (lately) but alas I will have to be posting in the evenings from the comfort of my own home. I don't have anything particular to share. I just felt like saying hello. I'm feeling all mellow and lovely right now. A friend and I are trying out a yoga class and it feels super good. I haven't felt lovely and worked out in while! Lately belly dance has been kicking my bum so this feels good and I think will help!

I've been obsessing about my travel plans for Montevideo/Buenos Aires trip. Planning what I'm going to see, eat and wear! I've got the knitty gritty details like hostels and ferry boats all reserved up now it's just find things to fill my time! I'm making google maps, general calender of events and budgeting! I can't wait and though this is the first time I will be traveling solo, I am really looking forward to some alone time and adventure! I guess I inherited a my dad's love of research and travel! Because I've gotten all pycho in my planning and preparation! It's way too fun. On a lighter note I would really like to pack with only the essential. I'm planning on bringing one small bag and purse for 10 days! So I am trying to think of outfits in my head with just some basic light weight clothes. Just for fun I made an imaginary collection of items I would pack in a bag for my trip...and made 3 different looks! HAHA I know. But if you have a moment it's really fun to put yourself through the challenge of making cute looks with just a few items! Have a great week!

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travel chic: bicycle ride
travel chic: bicycle ride by Lalipourie featuring a striped handbag


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Nedy said...

HAHAH! i love to match the clothes and make new outfits with it.. Pretty cool!!.. i wish u the best on ur trip to Buenos Aires


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