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Happy Tuesday! How was your weekend? Mine was lovely! Beach trip sort of fell through due to weather but I spent the day at El Charco with a couple of friends chilling out on the waterfall munching on tortilla chips & hummus, sipping sangria and discussing recent travels. It was both beautiful and relaxing.

So I've been a little lax on my food diary lately but I am happy to say that since I started I've lost about 2 inches! My main issue(s) are when I forget to keep track of my meals. I also notice I screw things up in the afternoons and on weekends. Those are my big issues and I need to choose better when eating out. But I'm happy with the pace I'm going. I would like to loose about 3 inches and I'd be a happy clam.

I've woken up the past 2 days for yoga, pilates and belly dance before getting for work and my usual 40 minute walking commute. That extra bit of time to wake up slowing really lifts my spirits! I soooo need to remember that when I hit the snooze button...anyway to keep myself inspired in this life long change here is a collage of inspiration from my healthy pinboard! Have a great week!

*images linked to source or check out more ideas at my healthy pinboard

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