foodie friday!

Here are some things I've eaten or cooked at home in the last 2 months or so.

1) mimosas at Fashion Week Panama 2)sambar and masala dosa at local restaurant Sabor de la India 3) at home curry roasted carrots, green beans with fresh pesto, stewed yellow split peas and brown rice medley (a vegetarian feast!) 4) raspao-Panamanian snow cones 5) roasted veggie & tomato soup with homemade whole wheat/garbanzo flour veggie pizza 6) oven roasted root veggies with curry tofu 7) dinner at a girlfriends house: toasts with olives & sauce, eggplant and chayote 8) oven roasted plantains with spices served with homemade whole wheat papaya and coco muffins and some rum raisin ice cream!

So I've been promising my newest recipe card for Papaya Seed Dressing for a long time. I finally finished the design and since I took so long to get this up here I also redesigned the my first recipe for Quesadillas with Yummy Lentils and added Smoked Pork Chops with Apples. Did you know you can eat papaya seeds? Well you can and they are said to be good for digestive problems. I used the papaya seed dressing for salad and to marinade chicken breast. It was the best with the chicken. Very flavorful! Enjoy! Just print and paste back to back for you recipe file! Let me know what you think!

*©Laurie's Kitchen recipe cards are for your personal use only and I maintain the copywrite. Thank you.

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