on the corner + happy weekend

OMG! I'm so happy! Well about a year a go I was the lucky winner of a free plane ticket with Copa Airlines! After months of debating I've finally settled on my location and picked up my tickets today! Hurrah! So I am going to be traveling to Montevideo, Uruguay and Buenos Aires, Argentina in mid November. Couldn't be more excited. I'm a huge research/travel nerd so I've been looking up every last detail in preparation. Super excited about shopping in street markets, walks along beach promenades, tango dancing, bicycle adventures and meat eating! Buahahhahaha!

Ok. So as a fashion nerd I even found a Buenos Aires Street Style site! Check out the lovely ladies and gentlemen of On the Corner! YAY!

What are your plans this weekend? I think tonight will be a chill Friday with my boyfriend. Leftover spaghetti and a movie perhaps. Tomorrow errands and dance class and Sunday I'm off to the beach!!!!! Happy weekend!

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