Happy Weekend!

these kitties love each other here

Well the bazaar was a success! I sold some of my new designs but still have plenty of inventory to work with to bring to boutiques and eventually upload to my shop! It was nice to see some old fans and meet some new ones! I even met random people I didn't know who knew about my blog or designs! So that was fun! Tonight after work I'm going home and getting spiffy for a fashion show in Casco Viejo! Tomorrow I have some errands and some cleaning to do. Take care and HAPPY WEEKEND!


Olguita R. said...

Hello!! love your blog! ya arregle el problema con el mio! ya puedes dejar tu comment!! Cualquier evento donde vayas a presentar tus diseños, mandamelo para publicarlo!

Lalipourie said...

ah gracias! Si oye trate en varias occassiones commentar y no podia! Vi que tenias twitter para decirte! Voy a ver si ahorra puedo! Y como te puedo mandar algo por email? Que es tu email?


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