Inspiration: Molas

Kuna women selling their wears and wearing traditional attire
Watching E's review of fashion week Winter 2010 in São Paulo I noticed Molas being used in clothing by Brazilian label Neon. Kuna women from Panama hand sew these reverse applique designs which are traditionally made for their traditional blouses (see above), but are also used for other items such as shoes, bags and t-shirts for tourists. In my house we have molas must have hundreds of molas! I think they are one of the most beautiful hand crafts in the world.

molas used in Winter 2010 collection by Neon
neat looking mola scarf @ new Hermes store in Multi PlazaExcited to wear my new mola flats
my own pictures: mola inspired silk printed scarf in the Hermes store in Multiplaza mall Panama City, panama; me in my new mola shoes; me wearing a traditional mola blouse I acquired while visiting the Kuna Islands in 2003

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My Owl Barn said...

What a colorful post! Love your mola shoes!


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