wild about mushrooms!

I used to think mushrooms were really gross but now I love them! Mushrooms are super yummy and are a great source of protein. Stuff with mushrooms is actually quite easy to find and it's a trend I think is pretty cute! Here are some things I've been seeing around!

row one: photography by Jordan Thompson, second row: mushroom prints by print a day, third row: pasta salad with wild mushrooms by jewels of new york, warm mushroom salad by smitten kitchen

1. peace frog tote bag, 2. long pendant mushroom necklace, 3. fab fungi pocket mirror, 4. mushroom spore pillow, 5. mushroom tote, 6.mushroom table, 7. mushroom vinyl wall decal, 8. a tiny deer print, 9. foxy fungi print from modcloth, 10.little deer and mushroom coin purse, 11. a better world print,



Velouria said...

Mushrooms are one of my favourite foods, I love them! And I will wear just about anything with a mushroom pattern on it. Thanks for the great pictures.

Lalipourie said...

Me too! I think mushrooms have this great mystical/magical thing about them! And for some reason they are just cute looking! hehe!


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