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My friend and designer, Chabela had a lovely baby shower party yesterday to welcome her daughter to be Anamora! It was such a lovely little party! Laurie, the owner of Vida Galleria hosted the party at her lovely home! Her home, like the shop is so gorgeous! Everything has her style even the napkins in the fruit basket are amazing hand woven textiles from Guatemala. Swoon. Of course the company and the food were also top notch! We munched on ceviche, pizza with salmon and sausage, tortilla espanola, eggplant dip, cheese, crackers, plums and pears and lots of wine!

Click on image above and copy to your desktop. It's a free print out to make your own oragami gift box like the one I made for Anamora! Here are some instructions. To make the bottom I do the same just keep one square slightly smaller. That's why I designed the square on the right side is a tiny bit smaller on purpose, it will become the bottom part of the box.

Here are some adorable baby products by Rikshaw Design, which I stumbled across this morning. They offer adorable bedding, baby wear and soft toys for babies in lovely block printed fabrics! They also have a collection called Lali!

*the artwork and pictures are for your personal use only and I maintain the copywrite. Thank you.


supergirl said...

i am so getting this stuff for alina's baby. mine's too big now!

Lalipourie said...

that stuff is great huh!


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